Tidak ada entri.
Tidak ada entri.

" share what you want to share "

This is my official blog
I'm writter and designer from West Java in Indonesian
I made this blog about two months ago
You can follow my activity from my social media
You can click here
RidwanJR Blog
To search our articles
There's many articles in my blog and you can request your own article too

Or if you have stunning story for me you can contact me on facebook and you
Can get reward for your own story
I know more than 50% peoples have problem to share but no one
wanna hear they problems
So i wanna hear your problem and share with us maybe we can help each other
We have own gallery to save your story from all of you

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Blogger Pemula
" Blogger yang ga tau apa itu blog "

This is my second blog
I create this because there's something about blogger
So i want to tell you all about blogger in here
Blogger Pemula
You can ask me anything about blog
If you have good reference i will accept it for you
The articles based on true story
I think we as blogger must change our mind
Because readers need good info from us
I know it's hard to build something new for us
But if we trust and hard work everything is possible

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This is RidwanJR
If you have question you can chat here
Spam or etc will be deleted

This site still under construction
I can't continue this site now because i don't have much time
Hope soon this site finished ^ ^a

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